About Journal

The Economic Knowledge in Agriculture (EKA), a new broad-base journal, is an open access journal that was founded on two key tents: to publish the most exciting research in all area of economics, management and agricultural development. Secondly to provide the most rapid turnaround time possible for reviewing and publishing, and to disseminate the article freely for teaching and reference purposes. All papers in EKA are peer-reviewed.

The aim of this journal is to provide a forum for agricultural economists (in Iran and around the globe) to publish their theoretical and empirical research in all fields of economics. The primary purpose of the journal is to promote publications of original research related to the Iranian agricultural economy. It is also designed to serve as an outlet for studies on the Middle East and Central Asia. Nonetheless, the journal does not preclude itself from publishing high-quality works related to other regions. At the same time, submissions of methodological or theoretical studies with results that are of practical use are welcome.

The Economic Knowledge in Agricultureis published semiannual at March and December. 

Aims and Scope

The Economic Knowledge in Agriculture (EKA) is an international journal publishing Research Papers, Short Communications and Review on Agricultural Management and related area. The journal covers all related topics on agricultural management and development. Papers are welcome reporting studies in all aspects of economics, management and agricultural development including:

Decision-making, Environmental Policy and Management, Farm Management, Farming Systems, Farm Structures, Rural Tourism and Recreation, Strategic Planning, Information and Communication Technology in Agriculture, Agricultural Economics, Economics and Agricultural Development, Agricultural Policy, Agricultural Production Economy, The economy of Agricultural Cooperatives, Agricultural Insurance ,Water Economy, Water Resources Management, Marketing of Agricultural Products, Agricultural development and trade and Environmental Economy.

Submission of Manuscripts

The manuscript should be submitted to EKA through the submit paper system.

Publication Information

University of Sistan and Baluchestan

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